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Some questions about the accounting profession


Mark Stevens:
Hello all
I am currently in training to develop my professional project which is to become an accountant.
I need to conduct a survey as part of my training to better understand / discover the job in order to realize if the field of accounting suits me.
I would really appreciate it if any accountants could answer a few questions that could help me greatly.
If this is not the correct place to pose these questions can you suggest other forums?
Thank you for your attention and time spent answering.
Thank you in advance

1. What is a typical work day for you?
2. What are the main tasks?
3. What skills are needed to practice the profession?
4. What qualifications are required to enter this profession?
5. What are the working conditions (teamwork, autonomy, job responsibility)?
6. What are the hours?
7. What are the constraints?
8. What qualities are necessary?
9. What are the development opportunities (promotion)?
10. What is the average salary?
11. What are the positive and negative aspects of the job for you?
12. What area of accountancy do you work in?

Babar Sohail 5252:
I have more than 15 year experience in accounting. And you should get your all answers on You are not allowed to view this email or link. Click here to Register or Click here to Login . I summarize my experience in accounting lab.


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